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Rally Costa Daurada Legend Reus 2023

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

• Qualifying for the Spanish and Catalan Historical Championships.

• June 9 and 10 with logistics base in Fira Reus Reus (Tarragona), March 2, 2023

Daurada Rally Legend Reus 2023, the eighth edition of the sports project for classic cars launched in 2015 by Escudería Baix Camp, has received an important boost this season by becoming one of the most important events in Spain, on its way to becoming one of the the great international events of the specialty.

The rally has been designated this season as scoring for the Spanish Historic Vehicle Rally Championship , in addition to continuing to form part of the Catalan championship of this modality, both in Speed and in Regularity and Sport Regularity. The test will also admit the participation of Legend show vehicles.

Some of the mythical stages in Tarragona used by the World Championship event organized by the RACC are also the setting for this sporting competition run by the Baix Camp Team. The Reus test will be held on June 9 and 10, thus advancing its celebration almost 5 months, and will be the 4th of the 7 scoring tests for the Spanish Historic Vehicles Championship, in its Pre81, Pre90 and pre2000 speed categories. , as well as regularly for Pre90 cars . As for the Catalan Championship, the Costa Daurada Rally Legend Reus will be the 5th of the 6 that are part of this modality, reserved for vehicles approved prior to 1993.

The structure of the test will be announced in due course but its base will continue to be located in the Tecnoparc de Fira Reus, an enclave where the assistance and regrouping will be located, while the daily start and finish podium, as well as the parc fermé, will be located in the Plaça de la Llibertat reusense. In the initial stage, Friday the 9th, the 4 scheduled sections will be held in the evening, while the day on Saturday the 10th, entirely in daylight, will consist of another 6 special stages.

In total, the rally will consist of 5 different timed stages, to be covered twice, with a total of 120 timed km distributed in 10 special sections, one of them called this year 'TC Plus', which will award additional points to the authors of the three best times. The sections will be located in the Priorat and Baix Camp regions.

In addition to the support of the city of Reus, the test has the collaboration of the Diputació de Tarragona and Grup Oliva Motor (BMW-Mini dealer). The winners of the Costa Daurada Rally Legend Reus of 2022 were Joan Riberas – Álvaro Menéndez ( Porsche 911 SC) in Speed; Antoni Verdaguer – María Jesús Mora ( Porsche 944 Turbo) in Regularity; and Aitor Llanos – Asier Llanos (Peugeot 205 Rallye) in Regularity Sport.

About Escudería Baix Camp The history of Escudería Baix Camp begins in 1981 when a group of car enthusiasts created a club in Reus with the aim of organizing car races and supporting the drivers. The first organization of the entity was the I Subida a Mont-ral , in 1982. In December of that same year it organized its first rally, the Baix Camp for sports classics. Thanks to the efforts of many people, Escudería Baix Camp has become a benchmark in motorsports in the south of Catalonia over the years, promoting the organization of races, the training of officials and the support and assistance to the club teams. Since 2015 it has organized the Costa Daurada Rally Legend , proves that as of 2018 its nucleus is based in Reus, where it remains today.

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Gil Castane Sales – Gil Castane Soldevila (BMW M3 M30), Costa Daurada Rally Legend Reus 2022

Joan Riberas – Álvaro Menéndez ( Porsche 911 SC), Costa Daurada Rally Legend Reus 2022


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